Summerfields Trout Fishery

We are now CLOSED till 5th September

We have made the decision to close the lake from 26th June 2020 until 5th September due to the extremely high water temperature.

We don't want you to have a day with little or no activity and we also don't want to lose fish.

It would be quite easy to take your money and pretend everything is okay, but this is not what we are about. Keep an eye on the website and the blog for updates as we will be doing work on the land whilst we are shut.

Please book places as before through the website.


Summerfields Trout Fishery

Open from September to June, weekends only.
If you would like to book during the week as a group then get in touch

The fishery is located between Haynes and Cotton End, in Bedfordshire.

The site has been a trout fishery since it was first excavated in the late 70's due to the extreme weather of 1976.

The lake is set within picturesque countryside, to one side is the A600, the other sides are countryside with an abundance of wildlife to include muntjac, herons, hare's, rabbits, kite, buzzard, pheasant. 

The lake is in the shape of the letter 'n' , with crystal clear water, depths averaging 8 ft and the deepest area's at 35ft.

The trout are supplied at a minimum 2lb mark, with a selection going in at 3,4 and 5 lb, we also have brown trout stocked from 2lb to a few residents at 9lb, all browns must be returned.

We also have some roach and rudd within the lake and as such produce a lot of fry, which the trout have realised.

Our fish are known to be hard fighting and will test the tackle you use, however unbalanced tackle will not be rewarded.!


Learn More About Summerfields Trout Fishery

Your escape from the day to day

Summerfields Trout Fishery is owned and managed by Sean Lee and James Wallace, both passionate fishermen who have a desire to have their own trout fishery that attracts both the casual and dedicated fly fishing person

We are after the fishery to be the place to go for all visitors to be happy, enjoy the sport, relax with friends and chill out. And to catch a rod bender and get that all important picture to show your friends.

Open for June from the 6th, but closed for July and August, all bookings MUST come through the website

To book, please contact us via this website.

We need feedback whether it be good or bad, when you've finished for the day let us know what you've had.

Tight Lines to all and keep and eye on our growing website.


Contact Us

We open in June from 8am till 7pm, closed for July and August.

Open again in September, only at weekends.

Private Lake Bookings by appointment only ( minimum 10 anglers )

We only accept bookings through the website, to make a booking please complete the required fields below.

High Road, Haynes, Bedfordshire, MK45 3PT

Sean - 07712 208694 / James 07516 400092

Ticket required

The Rules and Prices

Please take the time to read the rules and understand them, by purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by the rules.


One Fish ticket ( 3 hr ticket ) £15.00 - take 1 fish, catch and release 1 fish

Two Fish Ticket ( 5 hr ticket ) £20.00 - take 2 fish, catch and release 2 fish

Four Fish Ticket ( 8 hrs ) £33.00 - take 4 fish, then catch and release upto a maximum of 12 fish *

Catch and Release ( 8 hrs ) £20.00

* Extra Fish Taken - £10.00

Season Ticket ( 40 fish ) £375.00

Season Ticket ( 20 fish )  £200.00  

Ten Fish Ticket  £125.00 

Barbless hooks ONLY

No double or treble hooks to be used

No boobies or Pellet fly to be used at all

Minimum breaking strain 5lb line

Single fly only on Catch & Release

On all kill ticket's, a maximum of TWO flies can be used, but no more

All flies must not exceed 1.5” inches, and no size bigger than a size 8 hook

Netting is permitted on Catch & Release, but please take care when unhooking and releasing the trout back into the water, when doing so, please try and unhook trout whilst still in water to reduce any damage to the fish

All brown trout and any rainbow trout over 5lbs must be returned ASAP

No wading out, fishing from grass banks only

Suitable footwear to be worn around lake

No dogs allowed ( except ours ). All children to be accompanied and no one under 12 allowed. 

Observe fly-fishing’s etiquette  

Fish responsibly and safely, showing care and respect towards other anglers and the wildlife - 

Please take all litter home


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