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Another good week

10 days open now and plenty of fish have been caught, some nice resident rainbows have been taken and released, the browns are elusive but catchable.!

Just a quick update -

The fly's that are working at the moment are, with their successful anglers who made them work -

Sean Ballantyne - Hares Ear

Peter Stenning - Green Damsel

Russell Conway - May Fly

James Layton - Bloodworm

other flies to mention are black gnat, green viva, emerging buzzer.

Some of the fish are being caught at depths as deep as 20 ft, but averaging 10-12 ft deep.

You'll have noticed some shrubbery in the water outside the shed, im about to plant some in the mud in front of the shed. Some ground cover shrubs for the 'beach' area to be put in soon.

The goose mess, we know there's lots of it, and we are clearing it every day but its like painting the Severn bridge with a hobby paint brush.!

If there's any idea's apart from shooting, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for supporting us and keep the faith, tight lines to all

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