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First day open

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The first day open and all seems good, plenty of fish caught, some notable sized fish up to 4.5 lb taken for the table. A good tea tonight for some.

Well done to Mr Vaughan, i think he finished the day on 16 catch and release.

Then it rained and it blew, but those that knew followed the wind and caught.

A large brown put in an appearance and took the reel down to the backing, so a good fight given

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Stephen Vaughan
07 jun 2020

Great opening day today although the weather tried its best to spoil it, blowing a gale down the lake from the hut and wet at times. Didn’t put the fish of at all I managed 18 to the net including a stunning brown caught on a dry foam daddy. Also practiced distance catch and release on several others. All the fish were in top condition and gave a great scrap all the way to the net. 4 or 5 took me down to the reel. All went back strongly but a couple took a little time to recover so be prepared to spend some time with them to make sure they swim away fighting fit to fight another day. Flies…

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