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The story so far

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The winds from the east certainly visited us on Saturday, lots of back casting being done, but those that knew fishing followed the wind. The fish count for Saturday was 27 Killed, ranging from 2 1/4lb to 4 1/2lb, Catch and Release added up-to 41 fish, these were all caught on an array of flies - foam daddy, grey wolf, caddis fly, daddy long legs, blood-worm.

Notable catches were from Stephen Vaughn who had 18 fish on his catch and release ticket and had a thoroughly good day. Edgars Andriuskevicius had another good day with 4 fish kill and a further 4 on catch and release.

There was a gentleman who was having ' one of those days' when lots of fish took his fly but he was yet to land one or even get it to the bank, so a bit of experienced advice from James and he was into his first fish within a few minutes

Sunday was also a good day with 13 anglers on the bank, with 11 taken and 29 on catch and release, Edgars visited us and had his 4 and 4 bag, a picture is in the gallery of the 4 1/2lb trout he had.

Monday saw the weather change a little and with the ripple still there we had 6 visitors with 6 taken and 11 more on catch and release, one of our visitors 'misplaced' his keys and with 2 tours of the lake pathways they were not to be found, luckily he called his partner and she came to the rescue with the spare set. And as luck would have it the keys were in his van, bet she won't let him forget that in a hurry.!

Tuesday we had 9 visitors with 7 fish taken and about 12 fish on catch and release, a well done goes out to Dave Peartree and Ellen Perrier who persevered and got their limit of fish.

The flies on Tuesday that were proving popular were - Montana, may fly, blue flash damsel, pheasant tail nymph, klinkhammer special, who on earth comes up with these names ?

Must be the same one who names the storms.!

Wednesday was a tail of 2 days, in the morning pleasant and over cast, by 11am the heavens opened and oh my did it rain, I've never seen a lake empty of anglers so quick, but there were 3 guys who were taking a breather, coffee and cake and giving it another go, hats off guys - Alan, Terry , Liam

More posts to come

Tight Lines

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