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We are now closed

Closed you say, yes we are closed until September, many have asked why ?

During the warmer months there is a parasite called argulas ( fish louse ) -

This is a devastating parasite which if not controlled could wipe out every fish in the lake or none at all.

So having a delivery of fish from a farm that the water is warm, then placed into our warm water the fish are susceptible to argulas, then throw in the stress of the move.

Also, during the warm weather the trout are a fickle thing to entice and if you do catch and release or lose one they will go and sulk somewhere quiet and cool, however during the warm weather this is normally the deepest part of the lake with other fish and this is also an area with low oxygen levels.

Simply put they will be prone to falling a sleep due to low oxygen levels and die.

Myself and James want you to catch fish, we don't want you to buy a ticket and not catch.

And having you guys here not catching goes against what we stand for and what we want of Summerfields.

No fish farm with knowledge and experience wants to deliver fish with the chances of them all dying in a few days, and as such we won't take a delivery until its safe.

Hope you all understand and bear with us until it cools down a lot, the water temperature on 25.06.2020 was 22.4 degrees Celsius, so we need 10 days of cool weather to get a delivery of hard fighting fish.

We will be changing the available tickets in time for the reopen so keep an eye out of the website, the prices are not going up.!

They are changing to accommodate the feedback you have given us, so it'll be geared for the angler not the owner.

We will also be holding a charity match, so keep an eye out for when that is.

Please leave a comment,or add a blog - we'd like to read what you have to say

Tight Lines to you all and see you in September

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2 comentarios

Owner Sean
Owner Sean
26 jun 2020

Hi Luke,

We probably will, although these will be catch and release due to the high cost of them

Me gusta

Luke Weaver
Luke Weaver
26 jun 2020

How about stocking some blue and tiger trout?

Me gusta
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