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We are open..!

Yes, open from Saturday 5th September.

Remember to book, no point turning up without making a booking.

This is the new normal way of going fishing, book your day before you go.

Some changes to pricing and tickets, but have a read of the website so you know.

Tight Lines and good luck to all those whop are coming the opening weekend.

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Aug 29, 2020

Hi Sean and James

The concept is good but not sure how it can it be managed if let’s say 30 or so members of the 50 proposed members turned up on any one day I (know this is unlikely) but it could happen, with limited parking this will cause a problem. To say this would annoy any late comers on the day that couldn’t get in and park would be an understatement. Also in the present climate with COVID and social distancing this could be another hurdle to overcome. To me a another option would be possibly a 25 fish limit say for £250.00 a season allowing anglers to choose any 2 midweek days they would like to…

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